Are you in the middle of D180 and looking for a specific link?
Liturgy of the Hours

Along with the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours is the official prayer of the Church. Discernment 180 recommends that you pray Night Prayer, and you may be interested in praying other hours as well. The Hallow app has

Lectio Divina
Prayerfully reading scripture is a cornerstone of the Christian life. The Hallow app has an excellent guide to Lectio Divine, including a clear explanation and step-by step instructions.
Struggling With Chastity?
If you find yourself struggling with chastity, know that you’re not alone. His Mercy Endures offers straightforward advice and practical resources for dealing with temptations to pornography and unchaste dating. Take the time to be intentional about growing in the virtue of chastity.


If you have finished Discerning Religious Life, there are many other books that are particularly helpful during a period of intentional discernment. Here are just a few:

Virginity, Raniero Cantalamessa; a guide to celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom as it truly is: a gift to be received, not a burden to be imposed.

Discernment of Spirits, Timothy Gallagher; a guide to understanding the different movements of spiritual life, how to recognize which are from God, which are from the enemy, and how to respond to each.