What is D180?

A Rule of Life to Help You Discern Your Vocation

Too often, the women brave enough to consider religious life go about discerning it in a way that amounts to nothing more than a vague openness to God’s will. Discernment 180 is a tool that gives solid guidance for women to discern religious life for six months in a concrete, specific way that is anything but vague.

D180 outlines a rule of life, provides meditations for daily prayer, and gives specific discernment actions to take to facilitate vocational discernment through the pursuit of holiness. By growing in holiness and intentionally considering the religious life, we dispose our hearts to listen to the voice of God calling and prepare to give a generous response – no matter where He leads.

What's Included?

  1. Prayer
  2. Sacraments
  3. Study
  4. Service
  5. Virtue
  6. Weekly evaluations

Discernment Actions

  1. Dating fast
  2. Spiritual direction
  3. Visiting a convent
  4. Making a discernment retreat

Why This Approach?

Every vocation is a life of holiness, and the surest way to know which life of holiness God is calling you to embrace is to grow in holiness as you are now

Am I ready?

Does D180 lead to absolute certainty?

Discernment 180 is designed to help you discern your vocation, but even if 180 days comes to an end and you still have questions about your vocation, there is one near certainty: by the end of Discernment 180, you will have a richer, fuller, more beautiful friendship with Jesus Christ than ever before.

That means you’ll be closer than ever to the fullness of your primary vocation: the call to holiness. And when you finally do discern your vocation, you will be on your way to being the best priest, religious, husband, or father you can possibly be.